The New 3 Series Has A TV Commercial And... Well...

"Through energy and dance, this TV Commercial conveys not only the many features of the BMW 3 Series, but the joy and passion that it embodies."
By Daniel Smith
Cover photo: via BMW.

Car commercials are generally pretty repetitive. Car drives, then it drives in the city, then it drives on a scenic road briefly. Somebody longingly watches car pass by. Driver does an inane action -- like waving their foot under the trunk -- to demonstrate one of car's features. Cut, job done, put it in the can.

BMW's ads for the X3 and X4 M Competition didn't really break the mold. Perhaps the very idea of an M SUV was challenging enough, without having to deal with an out-there commercial to back it up. But where the X3 was scared to tread, the G20 3 Series was more than happy to shuffle.

Rather than get sidetracked paying attention to the car, BMW's decided to focus on some pretty slick dance moves. The whole ad is set in a city that's deserted but for a few small pockets of people overcome by an uncontrollable urge to move to any beat they can find. People who dance while unlocking their cars, dance when turning lights off, dance when backing up, dance when working at the bowling alley. You get the idea.

The point of all that dancing, of course (of course!), is to "convey [...] the joy and passion that [the 3 Series] embodies."

It's an unusual, but pretty welcome (IMO) angle for a car commercial. There are only so many ways you can show cars driving around before it gets a little stale, particularly after having several ads banned for promoting dangerous driving. That's not an accusation anybody could make towards the latest 3 Series commercial; everything's smooth, slow and safe, but with plenty of fun bubbling under the surface. Right down to the soundtrack: Dennis Lloyd's pop-funk summer anthem "Nevermind".

Not everybody's going to agree, though. Or, to put it in the language of YouTube comments: "This is 99% people dancing, what are you guys smoking?" This guy's asking the questions.

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