About Us

BV is a multichannel online zine delivering BMW-focused news and entertainment content to a global audience. With a team split between North America and Europe, we are able to offer fresh stories, interesting discoveries and useful information to the thousands of BMW fanatics visiting BVzine.com every day.

We focus on meeting the needs of 18–35-year-old BMW enthusiasts looking for more than stale automotive news. Our energetic writers and social media team mix news with entertainment, giving our readers a full view of the latest developments in the BMW community.

The team behind BV also runs one of the internet's most reliable free VIN decoders for BMW and MINI vehicles, trusted by enthusiasts and professionals alike. Our decoder can be found at decoder.bvzine.com.

We welcome contributions, advertisements and other partnership opportunities. Please contact us at bv(at)bvzine(dot)com for more information.